EPOS | Sennheiser IMPACT SDW 5016 Headset

Connectivity: Mobile, Soft & Desk Phone
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EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT SDW 5016 Headset

Mono - Wireless - Bluetooth/DECT - 590 ft - 20 Hz - 16 kHz - Over-the-head, Behind-the-neck, Over-the-ear - Monaural - Supra-aural - Noise Cancelling, MEMS Technology Microphone

  • Sit comfortably anywhere in your room as the SDW 5016 offers wireless range of up to 590 ft
  • Great for Audio/Visual Labs, Assisted Listening Systems and more that have a Mono jack for non-stereo use
  • Hear low subs and soaring vocals with a frequency range of sound from 20 Hz-16 kHz
  • Boom mic lets you chat with your friends & family on Skype and on multiplayer network games
  • The supra-aural aka on-ear headset features Bluetooth/DECT wireless technology
  • EPOS ActiveGard® Technology Protect users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line

Meet the Future Prepared

SDW 5016 is a wireless DECT headset system for modern office professionals, providing future-proof device flexibility, next generation communication quality and advanced security to modern work environments. SDW 5016 meets the challenges of evolving modern workplaces by providing a communication tool that lives up to users' expectations for multi-device usability, security and seamless customer interaction.

Modern office workers require mobility in the office and the ability to hold ad hoc collaborative meetings. Using multiple devices and often sitting at different desks, today's knowledge workers demand a flexible, personal communication solution that simply works. SDW 5016 helps them meet the future prepared with the ultimate business communication tool.

- Total Flexibility:
A hub for all your people, audio sources and headsets
- Superior Sound:
Natural, rich sound with super wideband audio
- Higher Productivity:
Busy light and advanced collaboration features
- Enhanced Security:
With Protected Pairing and DECT Security certification

Total flexibility
Answer all calls from a single device. With up to triple connectivity for softphone/PC, desk phone and mobile devices, the SDW 5016 allows users to choose their own constellations using the base station as a gateway to their preferred audio sources. It's also possible to connect a wired EPOS Sennheiser headset/speakerphone or a Bluetooth® headset using the USB port on the base station. SDW 5016 offers a choice of three wearing styles to cover all wearing preferences - a headband, ear hook and neckband solution for the perfect customized fit.

Superior sound
Successful communication is the key to an efficient business. The SDW 5000 Series sets a new sound standard and features super wideband sound offering a voice experience beyond conventional business standards. Hear conversational nuances and experience a natural and richer sound for both communication and multimedia. Two microphone noise-cancelling system and pioneering voice detection technology deliver exceptional sound for improved speech intelligibility in noisy environments. A new wideband mode for communication in high density environments provides excellent sound for more users.

Higher productivity
Seamless communication and collaboration keeps work flowing. SDW 5000 Series offers an array of smart features to enable this. Smart headset and base station controls deliver easy call management. The busy light on the headset helps users to remain undisturbed during calls and conferences. The cloud-based EPOS Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Pro Manager puts IT managers in control of all EPOS Sennheiser devices and manages assets, updates and configurations from one location. The SDW 5016 is UC optimized and certified for Skype for Business to maximize productivity.

Enhanced security
Security is a primary concern for a company's IT manager. Peace of mind with the SDW 5016 that comes with advanced security protocols to ensure that all communication is kept confidential. The SDW 5000 Series is DECT Security certified and designed with special focus on secure pairing, the most vulnerable part of a wireless system. The authentication process uses 128 bit encryption keys and Protected Pairing ensures that sensitive pairing data cannot be intercepted over-the-air. EPOS Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Pro Manager allows the IT manager to disable Bluetooth, call merging and conferencing mode if required.

Talk time Up to 10 hours (Narrowband)
Up to 7 hours (Density optimized wideband)
Up to 8 hours (Talk time optimized wideband)
Up to 6 hours (Super wideband)
Listen time (music mode) Up to 7 hours (Ultra wideband)
Up to 7 hours (Fullband)
Standby time Up to 48 hours
Auto sleep mode when out of range Yes, after 30 minutes
Charge time 0 - 50 %: 30 minutes
0 - 100 %: 1 hour
Warranty 2 years
Hearing Protection
EPOS ActiveGard® Technology Protect users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line
EU*/AUS Limiter depending on regional variant Activation by dip switch, HeadSetup™ Pro and HeadSetup™ Pro Manager.
Pairing intrusion protection Protected Pairing
Certification DECT Security certified

Base station



Wearing style adapter with pre-mounted earhook, earbud (M) and cheek spacer

Ear hook stabilizer


Extra earbuds (S, L)

BTD 800 USB dongle

USB cable

Power supply

Audio phone cable

Printed quick guides (headset and base station)

Printed safety guide

Printed compliance sheet