Kuando Busylight Combi





kuando Busylight Combi

Presence for Desk phone/headsets

  • Let others know your availability.
  • Displays a red light automatically when in a conversation, Manual switch turns light to 'Blue' for Do not Disturb' mode

Kuando Busylight Combi - for phones and headsets. Connects to your desk phone and headset/handset, Automatically displays a red light when in a conversation, Manual switch turns light to 'Blue' for Do not Disturb' mode.

The Kuando™ Busylight Combi is designed for mainly 2 purposes

Daily distractions and unwanted interruptions in the open office environment result in lost efficiency and poor work quality

The Kuando™ Busylight Combi is a respectful, effective way to let people know you are in a call or need to concentrate without being interrupted

When using a headset you most likely experience colleagues interrupting you while you are on a call. This brings you out of focus affecting the quality and professionalism of the call. The Kuando™ Busylight Combi fixes this by lighting up RED and displays “I’m on a call” in a polite way

When you work in an open office, you may experience noise, confusion and interruptions. You will need a way to work without unwanted interruptions. The Kuando™ Busylight Combi helps you as you can manually set a Blue light indicating: “Do Not Disturb”, so you can signal to others you want to concentrate without getting disrupted

General Information
Manufacturer: PLENOM
Manufacturer Part Number: 15301
Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.plenom.com
Brand Name: Kuando
Product Line: BusyLight
Product Name: BusyLight Combi - for Phones and Headsets
Product Type: Call Alert/Presence Indicator
Technical Information
Alarm Type: Visual
Physical Characteristics
  • Red Bulb
  • Blue Bulb

  • Headset
  • Phone